Frankie Jade Bird

Jay’s wife and owner of Birdies, Frankie is a professional body piercer and laser tattoo removal technician. She has been in the industry since 2013 after many years working as a substance misuse worker in a Category B prison.

About Frankie

Frankie is passionate about her job and views it as a way to express her creativity. She particularly enjoys working on curated ears where clients give her total freedom to design and perform a piercing project that suit and flatter the unique anatomy of their ear. This service is available through a consultation, online or in person.

She finds her laser tattoo work very satisfying and likes seeing happy clients getting rid of unwanted ink. She also enjoys working alongside Jay in the cover-up process.

When she’s not busy piercing or performing a tattoo removal, Frankie helps run the studio and take care of her and Jay’s two young boys, Vinnie and Lenny.

Like Jay, she enjoys travelling and watching horror and thriller movies as well as tattoos and adrenaline rushes. She’s also very fond of sharks and crocodiles!


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